This blog can be seen as a playground, an experimental ground that will explore the world of artificial intelligence as we make discoveries along the way.

The idea behind this blog is simple. We know nothing about artificial intelligence, but we find this subject intriguing due to its certain implications for the future of work and societal aspects in general. We don’t want to miss the train.

It will serve as a resource hub for the team. Here, we will document our discoveries in the form of articles or tutorials, best practices, and curated links to the best resources for delving into the topics discussed.

For a brief introduction, currently, we are a team of two. School buddies, both 35 years old, with diverse backgrounds but a common thread of entrepreneurship.

The realm of AI and machine learning is quite foreign to us. We are currently at ground zero in terms of knowledge but are determined to change that.

The AI Notions Team.